my name is
kashmere hakim





Kashmere Hakim El Amrani is a nature inspired (biophilic) Interior designer and Green Concept Developer. Born in the beautiful city of bicycles Amsterdam, the Netherlands. With his parental roots from the red city of Morocco, Marrakech.

(Kashmere) Hakim studied and explores form and shape to design nature inspired (biophilic design) spaces and Green concepts (It can be an idea, a heating panel, surface pattern design, a chair). His methodology is always human-centered and thinking from the perspective of the user and from the “interior”. He has designed from room to apartment and from penthouse to villa. Offices, retail, hospitality, urban parks and more.


Most of the time his clients also reach him through his art, he produces nature inspired paintings and prints for interior spaces, to increase the sense of contact with nature in an abstract way. Making use of both contemporary and traditional techniques such as digital collage, printmaking and painting. The work stands on itself as mainly ‘single edition’ painting, art print or object. This platform displays his artworks. You can reach him for work at:

His inspiration mainly derives from nature. He tends to work intuitively by capturing the moment. “In a time of grey urbanization my work is about balancing form, shape and colour that in an imperfect way is reflecting the hidden gems of nature. I believe the key to everything is in nature and especially reconnecting with nature”

More about his (biophilic design) interior design studio? Visit Studio NousNous.